FRP Bypass Lock on Any Android Phone

FRP stands for Factory Reset Protection. This is a new protection lock set by Google and Apple cloud whenever you try to reset your smartphone. However, many people get into trouble because they forgot the google/apple id login details associated with their account. So, this causes them huge trouble. We came up with a solution for FRP bypass.

The solution of FRP bypass we are providing is not illegal. But, everything has its pros and cons. These tools are just created for legal purposes.

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If you have reset your android smartphone and get into trouble and are looking for a solution. Don’t worry we are helping to help you out. Here you will learn how to bypass FRP on any android phone. In this guide, we are only covering android details. If you are looking for iPhone then you need to search on our site for iPhone.

What is FRP Bypass and How It Works?

In early 2014, when all android mobiles were working on Android 5.1 Lollipop, there was no Cloud security in the phone. Now, in 2021 all android phones are coming up with Google Account Verification. This google protection is also called FRP (Factory Reset Protection). All the latest Android Operating systems are using FRP. It means whenever you reset your phone. After factory reset, you need to enter your google account credentials which are synced with your device.

A lot of people have no idea about FRP. For your information, I must tell you, FRP gets automatically enabled when you open a Google account on your phone. There is only one way to get rid of such problems, remember the password for an account or remove all google synced accounts.

Still, we get a lot of complaints every day from users that they got stuck after a factory reset. Finally, we are sharing easy steps, if you follow each carefully for FRP bypass android phone.

How do you bypass an FRP lock on Android Phone?

In the new Android Operating System whenever a person factory resets an android phone or tablet. He will face a security lock to prove it’s his own device. The system will ask for the account email and password which is associated with the device. To reach the mobile/tablet home screen you will need to enter a password.

Still, a huge no of people does not know about this android update. They just create a random Gmail account and synced with the phone. Due to this, they face trouble in the future. But, don’t worry in this article we have shared multiple, easy, fastest, safest, and all legal ways for FRP bypass of your locked android device.

First Method:

Recover Your Google Account

The first and the easiest method is trying to recover your Google account. It is the safest way to Bypass FRP. Somehow if you remember your account email. Just get another device phone/laptop and try to log in. If you haven’t remembered your password you can go for forgot password. If the mobile no. is associated with your Gmail account you will receive a code on your mobile phone. Enter that no and change the password. Now enter that password in your mobile to skip FRP bypass.
It may take some time to sync a new password. Usually, it takes 24 hours to sync any device. Make sure to connect your phone to the internet where your account is open. Again Factory reset your phone and enter an email with a new password to bypass FRP. This process is not bypassing FRP. It’s one of the methods we use to recover the password that we forgot.
Second Method:

Bypass FRP Without OTG

Do you know? you can also bypass FRP without OTG. Yes, you heard it right. In this method, we are not using OTG cable. A lot of people have no OTG cable. So, we came up with a second method. But, make sure you have an internet connection for applying this technique.

  1. Firstly connect your android device to the Internet.
  2. Go to the FRP tool screen.
  3. Now press the setting icon appearing on the keyboard.
  4. After that, choose Messaging > New Message > type any number on the To section.
  5. Now click on the Contacts icon shown n the top.
  6. Similarly, now click on the call icon and dial #*#4636#*#.
  7. Here you will find a set menu appear on the screen.
  8. Click on Factory Rest Option.

Congratulation! You have successfully bypassed FRP on your device without using OTG.

Third Method:

FRP Bypass APK Latest Verison

FRP Bypass APK is one of the most popular tools which is used to bypass FRP. This tool is very helpful when you are unable to get your email or password. The tools help you to erase all accounts associated which are synced with a device by following simple steps. After that, your device will be unlocked.

Most Samsung users prefer to use Easy FRP Bypass Apk because it is easy and best for Samsung. It supports all Samsung versions from OS 5.1 to the latest Android Operating System.

It is very important for all android users to know how to bypass factory reset protection. Because now its become a common problem in the entire world. Day by day Google is increasing its security protocols. The future will be more secure than now. So, keep eye on each thing that is necessary for life. We Easy Firmware always came up with solutions for you. Now we are providing a step-by-step guide if you want to bypass using FRP Bypass apk. Always read the step carefully and start implementing on the other side to minimize errors.

Additionally, don’t worry if you have an android phone. This FRP Bypass apk will help you to bypass any phone which is operating on Android OS.

Step by Step Guide of FRP Bypass APK

  1. We have provided a link to download the FRP bypass apk. Click on the download button to start downloading.
  2. Now copy file in USB.
  3. Connect your USB with a mobile device using an OTG cable. It will automatically take you to file for installation.
  4. Now go to settings, and allow download and install from unknown sources option.
  5. Install apk file.
  6. When the install will complete, open the app, click on Settings, and select reset options.
  7. Select Factory Data Reset. A popup will appear on the screen for confirmation. Click on confirm button to proceed.

Finally, Your mobile phone bypassed FRP Google Lock. Now you can restart your phone and enjoy using your mobile device.

This FRP bypass application is recommended by a huge community. Many people used it and find it worthy because it is making it easy for even a layman to bypass Google security verification on android devices like SAMSUNG, HUAWEI, and others.


Click the above download button for downloading FRP Bypass Apk. This apk will work on all the devices. We always put pressure on one thing that follows the step-by-step guide of How to Bypass FRP. In case of any trouble let us know via email or comment below. We are always ready to solve our respected user’s problems.

As you know Apple is very secure. Android also took a step forward toward security features. Finally, it came up with Google account security. It is one of the best and amazing things if we found it fruitful. As you know, each change has some good and bad factors. In the case of security, it is one of the amazing factors to involve Google account in it for making it more secure and safe. But, there is some negative factor as well. Many people get stuck after a factory reset. That is why stay updated with the technology.

We have also shared some other FRP bypassing method which is also easy but uses the one which you find it easy. All of the above methods are 100% working. Our team continuously checks the download links that must not be broken and other stuff. If you find anything is broken or the method not working contact us. Let’s try yourself to bypass factory reset protection from the methods discussed above.

FRP Bypass All Versions

In any case, if the above-given apk does not work for you. Check out all the latest versions. Click the link and download.

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