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Easy Samsung FRP Tool is the best tool for Computers that helps users to bypass the FRP lock. It is considered as a vest tool to bypass Google account protection. With the help of this FRP Tool, you can easily FRP Bypass. For using this tool you need to have a PC or laptop. This is one of my favorite tools I used for FRP removal for any android device.

This tool is developed by the Easy-Firmware development Team. We considered all of the important factors and tried to develop each feature to help users to recover their dead mobile phones easily. This FRP tool perfectly supports all the latest android versions like R11, Q10, Pie 9, Oreo, etc.

Easy Samsung FRP Tool 2021 V1, V2, V2.7 (All Version)

Easy Samsung FRP Tool is developed to entertain all Samsung devices with android version 6.0 or above. Whether you have an Android 11, Android 10 Q, Android 9 Pie, Android Oreo, or Android 6.0 Marshmallow, the tool will work on your device. We have shared all versions for downloading. V1, V2, and V2.7 these versions are all available to download free of cost.

Using Easy Samsung FRP Tool v1, V2 2020 & 2021 is simple. Simply connect your device with the internet, Run the tool on your computer, connect mobile with the computer and click on Bypass FRP.

The latest version is V2.7. This version is released in 2021. All FRP versions are available to download free of cost. All users are allowed to download it without a software box. Easy FRP Tool 2020 is also the best tool for bypassing Samsung Activation Lock. It’s also available here for downloading and installing.

In all the latest Samsung and Other android phones, Google provides FRP protection. FRP (Factory Reset Protection) purpose is to secure user data in case of phone loss. As you know in today’s world data security is one of the most important things that’s why Google is providing this amazing feature in mobiles as well. Unlocking FRP is very difficult in many cases. So, make sure to remember the account email and password to avoid Google FRP lock.

FRP is automatically turned on, whenever a new device turns on and a Google account is set up. So, save the Google account details or remember them because whenever you will do Factory Reset your phone it will ask for the same account credentials.

We are sharing all versions of the Easy this Tool. Download the Easy FRP Tool version which you need.

Easy Firmware is sharing its FRP tool, which is easy to use and is user-friendly. It is one of the popular and considered as the best tool for unlocking Samsung devices. Samsung FRP Tool 2021 (Latest Version) is working on all Samsung new models with android versions Android Q10, Pie 9, and Oreo 8.0. This is only the safest method available all over the world. Flash your Samsung phone without worrying about your device because there is no dead risk on this FRP bypass.

About Easy Samsung FRP Tool v2.7 software

File Name: EasySamsungFrp2021_v2.7

File type: .RAR

Password: No

Support:  All Samsung Devices

Develop By: Easy Firmware Team

Totally free of costRequire a knowledge to use
Easy to Understand
Recommended by Big names
Highest + Ratings
Small in size

How to use Easy Samsung FRP Tools V2.7?

Step 1: Firstly download Easy FRP Tool click on the download button given below at the end of the article to start the download. Before moving to the download button make sure to learn how to Reset Samsung FRP.

Step 2: After completion of the download check out the download folder, the tool will be in a Zip file. Extract the Zip file and install it on your computer.

Step 3: Now install Samsung USB drivers.

Step 4: Restart your computer for complete installation.

Step 5: Connect your mobile phone with Wifi.

Step 6: Connect SAMSUNG mobile with Computer via USB cable.

Step 7: Disable the driver’s signature.

Now Reboot your Computer.


Step 8: Check out your mobile screen it will take you to a Mobile browser. Search ROMSTORAGE, and download frp apk.


Step 9: Finally open

Setting> Other Security Settings>Set up a New Password

Step 10: Now the installation is complete. You can open the downloaded Easy FRP APK and set new Gmail account.

NOTE: Reboot your Samsung Device after the Samsung FRP bypass.

Easy Samsung FRP Tool v2.7 Download Link

Here is a free download link for easy Samsung FRP tool 2021 click to start downloading.

How do I use Samsung easy FRP tool?

The tool is very easy to use. Download the Easy Samsung FRP tool file and install it on your computer. After that, install Samsung USB drivers. After successful installation of these two, Open the tool and connect your Samsung device with a computer. You will find “Bypass FRP” on top of the screen. Click to start bypass.

People also ask (FAQs)

How to bypass Easy Samsung FRP 2021?

Power off your android device then Press and hold VOL+, Home Button, and Power ON it will take you to download mode. Find out a factory reset and press ok.

How do I download the Samsung FRP tool?

Check out the download button below. Click the button and download it.

Easy Samsung FRP Reset Tool

  1. Open Tool
  2. Disable the driver’s signatures.
  3. Restart Computer
  4. Connect the phone via PC in normal mode
  5. Hit on “Bypass FRP.
  6. In the browser, you can bypass FRP using any method.

How do I bypass Samsung FRP?

Check out the article, we have shared a whole process step by step to bypass Samsung FRP.

How do I bypass FRP without a computer?

It cannot be done without a computer.

How do I bypass FRP lock on Samsung?

To bypass Samsung mobile you need software that Removes your existing Google account by login into your device. There are multiple ways to do this. We have shared a process in which you can easily bypass the Samsung FRP lock using a PC with one click.

Also, Check out; Samsung FRP Bypass Tool PC

What is Samsung FRP Tool?

Samsung FRP Tool helps you to recover your SAMSUNG device if you forgot your email or password.

In all the latest android devices, the companies inserted build-in security to protect user information. FRP stands for Factory Reset Protection. Important information includes; screen passcode, lock, data encryption, etc. Basically, it’s a very good feature by android devices to protect data. This protection is now automatically enabled in all devices which are using Android OS.

To protect your data android devices ask you to enter your email, or create if you have no Google account. When you create an account or log into the existing account FRP gets activated. Make sure to remember the account information (Email and Password). Whenever trying to reset your phone, you will be asked to enter the same account details where FRP is activated. if you forgot your passwords you can easily bypass by using Samsung FRP Tool.

What will the Samsung FRP tool do?

The EasyFirmware tool is popular because of its amazing and easy-to-use features. Here is a list of the top features due to which it is considered as the best tool.

  • The tool is free of cost.
  • Easy interface.
  • Work on all Samsung phones to remove FRP protection.
  • One-click access

Other features include

  1. Remove FRP Lock
  2. Relock FRP
  3. Soft brick Error Fixed
  4. ADB Enable
  5. Factory Reset

Download Samsung FRP Bypass Tool for PC

Do you use have a Samsung phone? If yes then it is necessary for you to know how to bypass the Google FRP lock. This is because Samsung devices are running into such problems. It usually happens when we forgot or email, passwords attached to the mobile phone. In other cases, if you have brought a used Samsung device and haven’t removed the previous user’s email account. Here you will get into trouble whenever reset your phone. For this purpose; you must know how to bypass the FRP lock using a computer.

  1. Samsung FRP Hijacker Tool 2020
  2. Easy Samsung FRP Tool
  3. FRP Bypass APK
  4. D&G FRP Bypass
  5. GSM FRP ADB Tool
  6. Samsung FRP helper V0.2
  7. SamFirm Tool V1.4.2
  8. Muslim Odin Tool V2.0
  9. R3 tool for Samsung

Tool 1: FRP Hijacker By Hagard

How to Install Samsung FRP Hijacker Tool on Windows PC?

This tool is also used to bypass the FRP of Samsung phones. Follow the steps carefully.

Step 1: Firstly download the tool by clicking the download button below.

Step 2: Check the download folder, the tool will be in a Zip file. Extract it and install it.

Step 3: Now install Microsoft Net Framework and finish the setup.

Step 4: Now install Samsung USB drivers and Restart your computer for complete installation.

Step 5:  Turn your mobile phone off. Connect it with a PC via cable.

Step 6:  Finally, this tool is ready.

Step 7:  Open the tool, find and select your Samsung device model.

Step 6:  Set your phone into download mode.

Step 7: For removing FRP, click on Hijack It button.

Step 6:  Let the tool complete its task.

Step 7:  Finally, your mobile is ready to use.

Download FRP Hijacker Tool

Tool 2: Samsung Z3X FRP Tool

Z3X is also one of the most popular and easy-to-use tools used for Samsung devices. Its features include IMEI reset, Samsung FRP bypass, unlocking, creating a backup, writing stock firmware, and fix the baseband.

Tool 3: Easy Samsung FRP Bypass v1

Easy Samsung FRP Bypass v1 is also one of the best and free tools used to bypass Samsung FRP lock enable devices. Download this tool from the given link below to flash your device without facing FRP troubles.

  • it allows you to FRP unlock using the browser.
  • Compatible for all latest Samsung devices.
  • Highly user-friendly tool.
  • It supports all android Samsung versions.

Easy Samsung FRP Reset Tool

  1. Open Tool
  2. Disable the driver’s signatures.
  3. Restart Computer
  4. Connect the phone via PC in normal mode
  5. Hit on “Bypass FRP.
  6. In the browser, you can bypass FRP using any method.

Final Words

By using this Easy Samsung FRP Tool you can reset the FRP of all the latest models like A51, A32, A71, S21, A10S, NOTE 20, NOTE 10+. Any of the Samsung which is running this latest Android version 9.0 or above. For more tools check out Easy Firmware.

Our article is finished, We hope you have found new knowledge here. We have tried our best to share the process of bypass FRP. Hope you understand. If still, any error occurs you can share your question in the comment section below.

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